Saturday, April 21, 2012

all things new

It's nice to be engaged.
I keep looking at my ring,
like I am sure a lot of woman do when
newly engaged to be married.
It's still hard to imagine that this is all real.
So much to process and do.
It's funny how the engagement ring looks
in a way, so young.
As in I am so aware that it is so new;
the phrase
the newness of our love
is one that is with me often.
Engaged, not yet married; not yet a newlywed.
Thin band on finger with small sparkly diamond;
new, the symbol of dreams, hopes and plans.
The congratulations after vespers today from
some dear church family
is something I hold dear to my heart.
I can't imagine leaving them
yet I am growing in my excitement for this
new unexpected adventure.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Wednesday

I made my cake for my Orthoman.
He pronounced it a success.
We prayed together for
my beloved priest
to St. Nectarios
and this was a comfort.
Now if only my insomnia would cease.
I am praying meanwhile
that I will have peace from Christ
and help from His Mother.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


It is almost Holy Week.
Orthoman comes Holy Wednesday.
I am making a cake.
My kitchen is a disaster.
The sun shone today.
There was a chrismation this afternoon.
I'm having insomnia again.
I know that the joy and happiness in life
is fleeting and I pray that
Orthoman and I can be protected
when we go through
times that are more painful
than the current
albeit overwhelming and insomnia-inducing
time of hope and joy.
I know for every hilltop
there are valleys on either side.
But I also know that Christ is with us
in those times of dark valleys.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jottings: Cater Met

Wedding planning can be stressful!
I am glad to know that we are surrounded
by a great cloud of witnesses.

We got the basic menu down
today with the cater
but I still have more to research.

I meet the wedding decorator on Monday.
Once I know all of these factors,
then I can begin the
work of officially inviting
family and friends.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gifts given to me

My favourite tree
where my Orthoman
and I went last autumn.
On a wildly warm October weekend
in Ottawa.
I would just like to say that
I am still often in shock
that my Orthoman
loves and cares
for me.
That he is kind, considerate
and always takes time
for me.
I have been given a gift
that I never dreamed I would have
but now I dream of
making a beautiful life...
I pray one that brings salvation...