Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've been down South for a week now.
We are busy planning our new home and
making way for what will come
after the wedding
and I come to make this new apartment
my home.
We survived way too many hours in a big IKEA
yesterday and got a lot accomplished.
 We are getting this great second buffet
and we talk about where our new
Rushnyks will go. 
I remember talking to a friend years ago
that it takes a good 3 years or more to rebuild community
after one moves to a new place.
I am dreaming of new glass bread pans for 
sweet breads 
(Dutch Koek, Cranberry bread, etc.)
but my friends I know in Ottawa
will not be here to eat it with me.
After the wedding we will plunge into Autumn
and I don't even know when I will return to visit Ottawa.
I really appreciated Anna B.'s post 
happiness and grief.
I appreciated the freedom it encouraged to 
know that somethings we don't 'get over' as much
as have the mark of the loss with us
and that somehow this can expand instead of diminish us.
I really don't see a way to prepare more 
than I already am 
for the shock of leaving my whole world behind.
It seems that it is just something that
one does and lives and prays through.
And God knows that I have it easy
in so many ways.
My new church community is gracious and welcoming.
Orthoman is kind and gentle.
We are growing as a couple as the days go on
and we know we are learning a new
beautiful dance that 
we will do together as 
we continue to prepare
for this great sailing adventure
called marriage 
and building a family of two
with God making three.