Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family in Dutch West Michigan

This is a restaurant that is full of many people,
including many Dutch.
It's affordable,
has a lot of hot meals that are
more home style in approach.
I love it and was so glad my Mom and cousins
were willing to go there with me.
My Grandpa loved their hot turkey sandwich
and I think also their chicken dinner with
mashed potatoes.
My Mom Cousin and I all had the hot turkey sandwich
and sweet potato fries.
Very yummy!

We went to Dutch Village in Holland Michigan.
This is where we got the costumes for the kids
to wear in the wedding.
It was so nice to visit.
A great place to bring kids
as they have a small petting zoo and other
It was a special time and
holds a lot of significance for me
as my Orthoman and I prepare for
our future;
somehow being with my family
is part of that transition.