Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exploration for Food and Supplies

So many things need to be done
to leave one's home.
Including new grocery stores.
I remember how much I missed the
Safeways, Save-on's and IGAs in BC
when I left...
I remember the shock of hearing of the
fire in the Fort Langley IGA
and now I love my downtown Ottawa
Hartman's Independent Grocery Store
(even though they got rid of the piano a few
years back, much to everyone in Centretown's dismay
and are now crowding the aisles making it a less enjoyable
experience to be there).
I don't think people always realize how important
grocery stores are;
not to mention that they are most people's food supply
but that they are the neighbourhood institutions.
My new little town has many grocery stores
for such a small town.
There's an A&P grocery near to us
and when I went there
to buy milk and laundry detergent and juice
on my last trip down South
I remembered very distinctly the movie
Home Alone II
when the little boy goes grocery shopping for
simple things like milk and laundry detergent.
There are also a few smaller vegetable and health food stores
in my new small town
and the cereal box posted above is a new find.
I had one bowl of it already
before I left back for Ottawa.
I liked it.
I will miss my old cereal here
(a Canadian brand)
but it was good to find a reasonable alternative
in what God willing will be
my unexpected new life
with my Kindhearted OrthoMan.