Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who I am going sailing with

As my blog community is slowly
commenting and emailing me
(thank you!)
and realizing that I just announced a
life-altering change in my life
I thought I would give you a little bit of
background to the Orthoman I have been given.
First, I was introduced to him
through a trusted Orthodox friend
who has known him for many many years.
He an active member of a lovely Orthodox Parish.
We are from similar Christian backgrounds
and our families actually know a few
people in common with each other.
Our families are both very
supportive of us as a couple and
so are our close friends
and spiritual fathers.
He is faithful, smart, honourable and
has uncanny similarities to me,
including a very similar sense of humour.
The picture above is a
Dutch Delft Christmas Tree ornament
that my Mom has.
My parents have met my Orthoman
as have pretty much all of my relatives
and not only do they like him
but one of my Aunts told me
make it work, make it work
and another Aunt asked
if she was invited to the wedding.
One of my cousin's kids gave Orthoman
her teddy bear to babysit while
she went off to play.
My close sister-friend's children
love my Orthoman
and played games and read stories with him.
Another dear couple who are also
some of my closest friends
enjoyed hosting him the first time he visited
and had a lot of similar theological
and intellectual interests.
The Orthoman and I have been to Michigan
together and spent a day at my
beloved Michigan monastery.
And he comes again to Ottawa
in about 2 weeks time
not that I am counting the days or anything :)