Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Field Notes - Lent Day 2

Cloudy here in Ottawa.
Lots of white snow on the ground.
Called the Ukrainian Church hall to
reserve the reception hall.
Have names of a few caters.
Today is a cleaning day.
Also hair cut
and discussing the possibility of my
hair dresser doing my hair for the wedding.
As I start work full time for 1 month
then have Holy Week and Pascha
and by May will be traveling 1 or 2 places
per month
I am glad to be getting some of this work done now.
The last thing I would want to happen is
to wait to reserve a church hall for the reception
(my own church's hall is too small)
and find that someone else had taken it.
Later this week I find out if the simple
more informal reception in Michigan
(we are doing more than 1 event due to family
and church family being spread out)
will work the venue hoped for.