Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lent Day 3

Hair cut and conversation with hair dresser.
Trying not to melt down at realizing that
to get my hair (and makeup) done before liturgy and
then the Crowning
I will have to be at church by 8 AM at the latest.
I am guessing I will be up by 5 AM to do prayers
and everything.
By then the plan is to have Cleo and my belongings
moved down South to the
East Coast apartment where
Orthoman and I will make our first home.
I am not even sure what house/home I will wake
up in on my wedding day.
(though I already have two ideas in mind :) ).
I have made a two grocery list pages for
the Months of
and what needs to be accomplished in what month.
This includes two week long visits
to Michigan before August
Two or three visits to the East Coast
with the move happening in August.
Now I need to call the cater and see
about pricing...
I start my new work next week Monday at 9 AM.
Lord have mercy.