Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Valentine's Day
last week
I went with my beloved OrthoMan
to pick out an engagement ring.
Picture above is it in it's unfinished stage.
It was a simple and quiet day.
I felt so happy.
If you would of told me that a year ago
I would have been traveling to the East Coast,
be reading books on marriage
getting to know a new Orthodox parish
hoping to be engaged after Pascha
and preparing to move to East Coast of the States
I would not of believed you.
that is actually what I am doing.
We are in for it,
together for life;
it is unexpected
at times glorious
at times overwhelming
(as any transition is)
preparation to be with Christ in a boat
together for life;
life in marriage
life in church
life in the midst of a sea of change and 
trying to piece everything together 
as we prepare our sailboat to leave the safety of the 
beautiful wooden dock
and launch into the sea of 
living life together.