Thursday, March 1, 2012

Refusing to be another Bridezilla (Part I)

Now I understand
some of my closest friends more
who got married
before I did.
When one lives away from family
and the husband-to-be
also lives away from family
it can be really hard.
My Orthoman thankfully
realizes when I need space and am stressed.
My invite list for the two events
combined at present
is at a toppling total of 290 people.
Minor Meltdown Numbers.
Now I understand why other couples
had to make difficult decisions about the invite list.
I am still trying to figure out what to do with ours.
We are thinking of doing two events
because we both come from
large families and Ottawa
is a long way for many of them to come.
we are planning three events
since I will be moving to the East Coast.
But that event is going to be lower key
and really lovely
esp. if the sun shines on that day.
I am very very thankful for Google docs
as it allows my Orthoman and I to
have access to our invite lists
and logistical spreadsheet.
I am also thankful for such a supportive
Orthoman who daily tells me
he loves me.
I am also thankful that my close sister-friend
and her very cool husband
understand that I need them as a
at times. :)
I am my sister-friend's kid-support hotline
so it is a mutual support society.

I Googled the term Bridezilla and see that it was
an early reality-TV show.
I do not think I knew this as I have never
had a TV and thankfully
my Orthoman also does not see the need
for a TV.
However, I sure hope I can avoid being unkind
like the Bridezilla's on this show.
Actually I see one of my jobs is to figure out
how to avoid this all together.
By which I mean I must try to be a Christian,
not a self-centred unkind bully.
One rule that I am holding to
that I have really learned since being Orthodox
is to try to be at peace with all people;
now I don't mean by this
trying to please all people
but if I was unkind calling the person up before bed
and apologizing and not letting the sun
go down and not letting my relationships
get divided.
Being a future-Bride can be hard
esp. when family is so far away and
I am being oriented to a whole new way of being.
I can tell you what gets me out of this though:
trying to focus on others;
being thankful;
taking quick breathers
and calling friends;
God surely is merciful for loving me
even when I fail.