Saturday, March 3, 2012

After Presanctified Liturgy

Presancfied liturgies on Friday nights
is one of my favourite times
of the year.
I am never happier it seems...
We all get together
eat food the others made
talk, share, laugh, enjoy lenten chocolate cake
of more than 1 variety
(including mine and the other one I
already emailed for the recipe :) )
I have been feeling overwhelmed also
because I never seem to be
and this impacts all of my life.
So I talked tonight
to my spiritual father
who is good for many types of advice
(thankfully including caters!)
and got the advice to start on one small
thing and when I get discouraged
to remember that I have this
1 small thing organized.
I realized that the biggest
hopefully small enough to start with
thing that could help me
the one thing
is if I can keep my kicthen/dining room
table clean.
It's a real challenge for me as my table
is also really my only counter space.
The cake I baked was mixed on it.
If I chop veggies, it's at the table,
I have cleaned off my table tonight
(save some papers)
and am hoping that will help.
I am thinking of looking into
books by
Don Aslett
on cleaning
as they have been mentioned here.
Have I mentioned that
Orthoman and I's
God willing
future together apartment has a
While I will find it hard to leave the
Ottawa that I love so much
having a dishwasher
is a DV welcome