Friday, March 2, 2012

Show Me the Path of Love

At times
as you can tell
I feel really overwhelmed
by the logistics
of all of this.
One of my in person Ortho-friends
commented that while parents used to organize
weddings for their children
now it is the children who organize them
and it ends up being the first
time as a couple
the just born man and wife
are a host to others.
Part of what this seems to me
is how to do things in
a Christian manner;
to learn to be kind,
to learn how to love all these new
people in one's life
how to love your family
who you are leaving
to join your husband.
I can be rather dizzying at times.
I am the first to realize I don't always
know how to do this.
So my prayer this morning is
show me the path of love
show me the way.