Friday, March 23, 2012

Realizations, Learning and Living

As I transitioned from doing more
than flipping my whole life upside down
by marrying and moving
within months,
to a 5 day a week contract job
plus all else I was doing
my level of stress
and managing more exceptions
and trying to wade through them all
was getting to be quite difficult
for me.

I can't do it all.
There are situations where one has
no choice and then there
are some where one has a choice.
I really appreciated this post by
as she realized what she can and can't do.
I realized and so did Orthoman that
I would burn out if I continued at the pace
I had been going at. So...
I stayed home today.
I am going to bake my cake.
I am going to church.
I am going to renegotiate with my work to
cut it down for the next while to 4 days a week.
I meet with the cater next week.
I love my God willing future
who I talked to on the phone last night.
I see a woman about helping me
decorate the reception hall in
about two weeks.
I cannot put these things off or
I will be traveling a lot in May.
Most likely once in June
and once in July.
Moving Cleo and belongings
sometime after July.
Marrying after August.
It is a daily and weekly effort to figure out
what is working and what is not
in terms of planning,
health and well-being
and new-life
So today I accomplished
something unexpected
and something that brought some
order, peace and balance 
to my life.
See that coffee table?
It's empty save the books.
See the bags on the shelves?
Bagged books waiting
to be given away.
This whole figuring out what to do
what I can and can't do
and how to communicate it
is at times very tiring
but with God's mercy
I will be able
to continue to do just that.