Thursday, March 1, 2012

The quiet of the evening

Someday I am sure I
or at least I would hope
that I will look back at this time
and laugh at the worries I had and
somehow I hope someday
to be more carefree
I think it is in part the missing of youth
that one sees in retrospect as
fun and easy
though when I was in it
I did not often find it so.
So the search for photographers is on.
Found a lovely one today in Michigan.
Reminded me of all I love:
love of water
love of light
love of creating beautiful things.

I also found on etsy this
to die for veil handmade
in Holland.
So Cool.
The country of my
parents and grandparents.
I have a great Aunt (or maybe Great Great Aunt)
who my Mom is named after
who was a hat maker in Holland.
Somehow I know she must of loved
beauty too,
to have such a trade.
I found a non-Ukrainian cater
who is in budget.
I am still going to look
 into the Ukrainian one
but not sure when or how.
Somethings I really just want to
do in person and try some of the food
but I can't till after Lent.
Details, details.
Meanwhile I have been dreaming about
owning a new camera
to capture more beauty...