Thursday, March 15, 2012

Myraid of details

Cleo may be relaxing
but can't say I am that much.
Orthoman and I decided to
do a bit less for the
and we are not doing something separate
in Michigan like previously planned
(please forgive me, dear in-person friends
who are finding this out
here first,
things have been a
flurry of one-thing-after-another).
It was just too overwhelming
in the end to plan and do
 so we are doing what we can
to reduce stress and simplify things.
I must say I am very much at peace
about this decision
and am relieved.
Appreciated this post on discernment
which includes what we can and cannot do
and sorting through what these things are.
Orthoman and I are finalizing
various wedding details
and this is a delight.
Work is going really well
and I can work well into the late summer,
in-between God willing travel.
I baked my lenten chocolate cake
for the church meal tomorrow.
I am grateful.
My cold is still flourishing but
I am not daunted.
I just hope Lent will continue
without unexpected tragedy
which so often happens
and indeed is in some dear friend's lives
as I write this.
May God save us.